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Full Disclosure BCAA Blast contains 4 grams of Leucine per serving, the perfect amount of the essential amino acid needed to induce muscle growth. It also contains 5 grams of L-glutamine which has been shown to have a regulatory role in whole body protein synthesis. Its levels inside the muscle govern protein synthesis, nitrogen balance, and muscle building. This unique blend will be a pivotal tool in achieving maximum results while training.

Full Disclosure  BCAA Blast contains a powerful 8:1:1 ratio blend of branched chain amino acids which is the most essential amino for muscle recovery, repair and growth support.

BCAA Blast will help decrease muscle soreness; promote optimal muscle protein synthesis and recovery while you train.

BCAA Blast is Sugar free and is Stimulant free. it is quick absorbing and will Increase recovery while Stimulating fat loss. BCAA Blast will add to your Endurance and Performance while Boosting your immune system.

Great during any workout to help Build muscle, stimulate protein synthesis, Prevent catabolism-muscle loss while aiding in hydration (electrolytes).


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